Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ideas for the Baby's Room

Our little boy will be here at the end of October and I have been thinking long and hard on ideas for his room. I have never been one for those silly Disney cartoon themes. I love Disney, I just don't want it as a decor in my home. I also disliked the idea of doing sports for a boy. It's just way to over done and I don't care for it. Then there were cars and trucks....nope, that just was not going to happen.

With that beening said, We had to come up with an idea that was not Disney, sports, and or car/truck themed for a little boy. Believe it or not that seemed to be pretty much all there was out there. However, I think that we came up with something that will be perfect for the little guy. We came up with the idea for doing sailboats. Lots of navy and white with little bits of red everywhere.

Here are a few photos ideas of how I hope it might look.

I love the nice clean lines and how its is soft and sweet but is still perfect for a little boy. I love the colors together. Plus, I think the bits of red are just going to pop!

As we slowly start to get it together I hope to be posting more about it and adding photos of the the room step by step. 

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