Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And It's 80's Night...

These weekend the girls went to a 80's themed triva and we had a blast! I always love a good theme and even if the 1980's was not my favorite time in modern history it was still a lot of fun to dress up. Plus, its was a "total blast from the past". I thought I might put some shots up of the evening.

Here we are for 80's night!

Megan sweater reminded me of Flashdance. Plus, she was rockin' a killer side pony. I wish I would have gotten a better photo of it before her hair came down. Megan's mom and dad were also there and they are some of the best people you will ever meet.

Now Lindsay is already the cutiest person I know but this big bow just makes her look that much more awesome. It reminded me of a Minnie Mouse music tape I had when I was a kid...and who doesn't want to be cool like Minnie Mouse!?!?

Now I thought I had a great idea doing my short hair the way I did. Then I got a look at some of the photos and saw that I kinda looked like Tasha Yar off Star Trek TNG. Great...I wouldn't mind looking like Deanna Tori or even Doctor Crusher but no, it's Tasha all over the place. The 80's was so not a good look for me.

However, my friends can totally rock that look and they did! They were "truly, truly, truly outrageous".

("It's like a stop light" -Lindsay)

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