Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip to Heavenly Hillsboro...

We just got back from our first little road trip together. We drove down to Hillsboro to visit Matthew's mom, Jodi. We got there and went out to dinner and then watched some Doctor Who together. We had a lovely time together.

Here are some photos from our first road trip together:

Later on that evening we went out to meet up with Andrew Johnston, one of Matthew's good friends. He was up at Matthew's old High School working so we stopped by to pay him a visit. We got to go all over the school that night and see the theatre and classrooms and play a fun little game of keep away from the crazy cleaning cat lady.
Then we got to go into Mrs. Endebrock's science class where I got to see the very first copy of "Mattman" by M. Stuart Weitkamp. The teacher still had it in a file on her deck in the wrapping. Matthew left her a little message to let her know he was there.
We both had a great time on our first little road trip and it is only the first of many to come.

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