Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homemade Pizza and Doctor What!?!

Tonight my Puffin and I has a little adventure in the kitchen by making our very own homemade pizza. We got everything we needed and got to the kitchen and started cooking...
The first thing we had to do was open everything need to bake it and that was a lot easier thanks to Matthew's mom, Jodi, giving us a new can opener.
Then the fun part started...putting everything together to make our yummy dish. We started out simple this time with just normal stuff as topping. Cheese, pepperonis, and sauce. The more we make it the more fun we can get. 
The best part about the homemade pizza is that you can use healthier things like whole wheat crust, and low fat cheese and veggie meats when you make it at home...and it ends up being cheaper (and a lot more fun) then just ordering it form somewhere.
After cooking for about 15 mins or so we got to sit down and watch some "Doctor Who" and enjoy our yummy homemade pizza. Then after that it's off to workout...My Puffin and me.

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